Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The joy that is the English Dept

The ideal time to beg for an extension is definitely after a night of no sleep because you've up for 24 hrs working on another department's assignment and you really do look like the walking dead that your course is covering. Happily, I got my two day extension and handed it in on time. However, I was surprised, along with everyone else, to find out that there was no need. During a discussion in class about our assignment (40%) and the exam we found out that the late essays are not going to be penalized. Well, they are, they're not going to get any comments but the marks won't be affected at all. I don't particularly care as I probably work harder under the pressure of a deadline anyway but it would have been nice to take advantage of that and have time to rewrite the first draft. It was quite funny as the lecturers couldn't understand why half the class was suddenly complaining (all the people who got there's in on time).


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