Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Years all!

So...it's 2006 already. It seems weird really as the last few weeks have sped by. Thankfully the weather has been reasonable for a change and I got to spend another weekend at the beach, mucking around at Long Bay :) Anna and Benn have been keeping me company while my flatmate's have been away and it's been a lovely, relaxing long weekend and I even got to sleep in this morning! Back to work at the bank and the church come tomorrow so I'll have to start getting myself organised :) I've started working my way through my much neglected CD collection, since I normally listen to the mp3's on my pc, and that's been fun while I've been mucking around.

No firm and fast New Year's Resolutions this year. I want to keep at the diet & exercise programme, including when I'm back at uni. I want to have a fabulous time in Europe even if I'm over there by myself and to keep working at being less horribly shy (I swear I'm hiding it better!). I want to do fabulously in my final few papers and finally get this BA finished!!! (started in 2000, after many stops and starts - including 2 yrs in & out of hospital and 2 yrs working full time, to be finished 2006.)


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