Friday, February 03, 2006

Julia's Hen's Night

Lovely Julia at work is getting married soon so we felt that we should meet the demands of tradition and get her as drunk as possible before the in-laws fly in. She was judged before a jury of her peers (half the execs in our division I think) and found lacking in appropriate feminine ideals. Nalini, our judge, read through a list of requirements for 1950s housewifes and, sadly, Julia disagreed with almost all of them. She was of course duly reprimanded and was dressed for the rest of the evening with an apron, a baby's pacifier, a willy shaped whistle, a bride's veil, a feather duster and the most fantastic pair of bloomers to wear over her pants that read 'Getting Married'.

She even got to portray her new threads out on the red carpet as Charlize Theron came to her movie premiere while we were eating dinner at the Playhouse. Thanks to some kind security staff we got to parade Julia after Charlize had moved on :)

Cocktails were downed at Boogey Wonderland and we danced up a storm. We were even kind enough to dust the DJ's booth for him!

Me and Luzette stayed on in town after the others had left and some of my mates came to join us. I ended up dancing [proper partner dancing rather than our usual girls night skank] with one of them up in the square outside later, being dipped and everything - toe curling! It was a good night :)


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