Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Salmon of Knowledge

The Salmon of Knowledge was a mighty fish and whoever tasted first of the Salmon would know all things, be wiser than man and know how to get themselves out of any situation. Finegas was a mighty poet who searched for many years to find the salmon. One day he was out fishing with his apprentice, the warrior Fionn, when they spotted the greatest salmon they had ever seen swimming in the river.

The men caught the salmon and Finegas set it to cook. He warned Fionn not to eat it until after he had returned. Fionn had the minding of the salmon while it was cooking and watched over it carefully. The fish began to blister and he was greatly upset. He burst the blisters with his thumb and got badly burned. In surprise he stuck his thumb in his mouth and sucked on it. Thus he tasted the juices of the Salmon of Knowledge and became the wisest man in all of Ireland. Great was Finegas's disappoinment when he learned what had occurred but he forgave Fionn for it was not purposefully done.


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