Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kilt Rock

I kind of wish now that I had taken more photographs. It was more that you ended up seeing so many waterfalls and castles etc... that in the end you sort of just enjoyed the scenery and didn't always bother with photo-snapping if something wasn't as picturesque as others that you'd seen. The next place that we went to was Kilt Rock and it was absolutely incredible.

Now the importance of Kilt Rock is that if you squint at it just right it's supposed to look like a kilt (I couldn't see it!) and also because this is where the Scots tell their version of the Finn MacCool story. Do you remember I told you about it back in Ireland? Well, Kilt Rock is the other end of the Giant's Causeway. And of course in the Scottish version it's their giant that gets the girl and Finn MacCool who gets tricked by the giant baby and flees like a girl back to Ireland rather than fight his competition.

However, the real reason to go to Kilt Rock is so that you can hear the music. If you're in Scotland, in a car, then go!! It's beautiful.... it soubs a bit like fairy pipes or something. It's the most unearthly thing (at least I'm pretty sure they're at Kilt Rock and not a seperate stop). We decided in the end that it must be the wind sloughing through crevices in the rocks or something.... Either way it's incredible to stand there in the wind and smell the salt and watch the sea crash into the cliffs and all the while be listening to this music...


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