Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Weeping Vale

Posted by Picasa The Campbell clan are still distrusted throughout Scotland today and here is the reason why....

They got off to a bad start by being named Campbell in the first place; the name means 'Crooked mouth'. Things got off to an even worse start when they decided to make a secret pact with the English.

The Campbell clan had a long-running feud with the McDonald clan and the English promised to help wipe them out. So the Campbells rock up one day to the valley where the McDonalds lived and claimed the ancient rights of hospitality. Now, despite the fact that they'd as soon spit on a Campbell as speak to them, the McDonalds welcomed them with open arms because the laws of hospitality are older than any feud. Despite the fact that it was the heart of winter they shared their stores, gave them their beds and gave them the best spots in front of the fire. The Campbells stayed for several weeks on the largesse of the McDonalds and at night they slept with one ear open. At last they heard a single gunshot, a signal from an English soldier that they were in position. The Campbells slaughtered the McDonalds in their sleep - men, woman and children. Many fled the into the glen and under cover of night they managed to escape the Campbells and the English soldiers. But where were they to go? There were mountains on every side of them and they froze to death with none to weep over them.

The Campbells were the first clan to break the ancient rules of hospitality and were spurned for it. The nearest pub in the area used to have a sign saying 'No English, Women, Dogs, Blacks or Campbells'. Now it just reads 'No English, no Campbells.'


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