Friday, July 07, 2006

Cannon Hall

Cannon Hall is of the huge estates that still survives relatively intact from the days of landed gentry. The parklands are huge. They still have deer and what not living on the estate. They have several ponds/rivers/small lakes and you can pay for a fishing permit. The House is okay; it displays some antique furniture, pottery and paintings. It holds a special place in the family heart as it includes a display and history on Uncle Rod's army regiment.

Cannon Hall also has a kid's playground and petting zoo (complete with purchasable feed). *g* I'm not sure what Dorrie thought of it but Lucy and I loved it. They had a bunch of standard animals; the pigs stunk!!! As well as things like Golden Pheasants. The G.P. was cool because it took an instant liking to Luce, maybe to her red hair? It just couldn't take its eyes off of her and ignored everyone else in the vicinity. It mimicked her and whichever way she ran, it would run and stop when she stopped etc... You can imagine the delight and fun that a 5 year old could have with that.

And I got to feed and pet a llama. I think Nick was home sick or something when I was texting him going 'I have llama!!'. Which is far less impressive if you don't know someone in love with 'The Emperor's New Groove' [check it out, it's good].

The animals were really cute too; there were lots of little babies and the goats would stand on their hind legs to get their heads scratched and a mouthful of feed. It was a good day.


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