Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Hermitage

The Hermitage is a national forest and is famous for having the tallest tree in all of Britain (a Douglas fir; it's tall). What it is more famous for, among those in the know, is that a little icecream van sets up there each day during certain months. So you're driving along in the absolute middle of nowhere and yet tucked down in this park is icecream joy. It had been windy and freezing most of the time we'd been in Scotland but this final day was blue skies and a whopping 24'c (or somewhere around that). Even Dave, our driver, was in shock, it was fantastic and thus we made the everso important detour for a forest walk and melty ice-cream running down our hands as we walled. Thanks, Robbie was it?, for managing to push mine into my face. I'm fairly sure I exacted revenge of some description :P

It's a pretty little forest with much scrambling around the river and mock dramatics.

There's a little building overlooking the river called The Folly which in its heyday had mirrored walls and ceilings. It was where the 4th Duke of Athol took his mistresses so that they could look out over the river...


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