Sunday, August 06, 2006

HST 317 Nazi Germany

For anyone particularly bored of photos I've posted below my close analysis for class. There seems something vaguely pointless about spending time researching something and angsting over it and then only having one other person read it. At least with publishing to the vague ether of the net there's a chance that someone else will read it. It's abiy like Anna's theory on expensive dresses, the more often you wear it the less its relative cost. Not that this is particularly a literary masterpiece. [The relevant law by the way is posted beneath it]. It's oddly frustrating to reach stage 3 and be reduced to 1000 word essays. I understand their point - condense, be precise etc.... The problem is that their no longer being used because they think that it will be a useful teaching exercise but because the fraggin' Dean has issued new marching orders. AU has re-structured it's degree (don't even get me started on what a money-leeching exercise that is) and having increased the number of papers they felt the need to decrease the workload. However, rather than simply giving general guidelines they've given specific orders - no Stage III paper may expect more than 3000 words from their students!!! Now word limits have always varied from department to department. History for instance had the reputation for expecting the most, you could count on perhaps 5000 words over the semester for them for a S3 paper. To suddenly have it cut to 3000 is pissing the students off as much as the lecturers. It means that they either give two 1500 word assignments (the same as at SI!!) or they give a 1000 words and a 2000 word essay. Maartje is simply ignoring them since our class is entirely internally assessed but there's a limit to how much she can get away with - hence our limit restriction.


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