Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Where less is more...

When I was a first year student, the larger word limits seemed harder than a smaller ones. Now I embrace them and having to write 1000 word essays is a royal pain in the ass. My Nazi History paper is internally assessed and our final essay is essentially worth 70%. 20% of that was due Monday morning - an annotated bibliography justifying each of our sources, some other stuff, and a 500 word essay that summarized what our 3000 word essay was going to be about. Easy I thought, so after two weeks of researching almost every day, and being ill to boot, I took the day off and luxuriated in having my room all to myself. I stretched out on my bed and lost myself in the book that I was reading. After all, how hard could it be.... Having to justify each of my sources, in only two - three sentences (and different sentences for each source,mind) ended up taking me hours. Trying to write 500 words in a faculty that hates generalizations and requires evidence for any statements given turned out to be incredibly difficult. I kept topping 400 words and realizing that I still hadn't covered the second part of my essay. In the end I finished at 5am.... The next day was painful.


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