Monday, October 09, 2006

Alfred Street to close

After many, many years of campaigning and negotiations, Alfred Street will be closed to traffic at the end of this year [bar buses]. It's fantastic in terms of health & safety because it really is predominantly a student thoroughfare. It's kind of sad to see it go though and I imagine it will prove as annoying to drivers as it will satisfying to students. A) Because it means you get stuck having to do a really big loop of the block when looking for parking or dropping people off, B) that's a chunk of parking for the Maidment gone (which sucks as parking at uni just keeps getting worse; trying to go play squash at the gym at night is a nightmare!), C) we students do love that 10min and bus zone parking in front of the library... sure it's illegal but there's crap all buses at night and it's extensively used by people who only need to stop for a few minutes to pick someone up or to drop off a pile of books.


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