Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Children's Names

Someone was asking me the other night about children's names (i.e. favoured and detested) and I discovered that for once I was lacking in an immediate response. Extremely bored after a day of data entry & filing, and faced with a long traffic filled journey home, I spent some time pondering and ended up with the following list. The Russian names I've liked since 4th form (nd after all the kids can always Anglicize them) and after realizing how many of my close circle of friends happen to have names that I already liked I decided that it seemed unfair for Sri to be the only one excluded. So there you go Sri, if we stay mates for another 8 years I may name one of the little tykes after you.

Katja / Katya Anastacia
Daniel Connor
Jamie Sridat
Ben Mikhail/Michael
Leilani Aroha (now there's a love child hippie name if ever I saw one!)


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