Friday, October 28, 2005

Corpse Bride

I've been waiting in great anticipation for Tim Burton's latest film to come out and expected artistic brilliance. I certainly respect the work that was done as a project of that kind requires years of painstaking work with the claymation set and characters. There was a certain gothic feel to it and a sense of mixing Victorian England with far older and possibly East European mythic fireside tails. I particularly liked the critique of drab, colourless, socially stratified 'upside' when compared to the compassion, cheer, equality and colour found down below. It reminded me of the 'Three Dead' - "As we are so shall you be": it's a medieval woodcut that became increasingly popular in various artistic forms after the Black Death that essentially means that Death is the great equalizer [and inevitable].

Sadly though, the film lacked some essential vitalic spark to bring it to life. Helen Bohema Carter as Emily [the corpse bride] was lovely and she was the only character that really showed a display of emotions. The problem was that the characters were 2-d and stereotypic without being so deliberately or at least if they were they weren't used reflexively i.e. to provide comedy or to perform a function in providing a well presented argument.
There were songs but they were forgettable, although the piano music was quite nice, and so were the lines. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite films and has a certain 'je n'ais pourquois' and 'Jack the Pumpkin king' can get stuck in my head all day. The Corpse Bride unfortunately feels like a particularly bland meal that you've almost forgotten you ate when you walk away from the table. :(

Oh, and Agnieszcka, my Gothic tutor, was sitting in front of us. I felt like an errant child when she told me she'd see me at the exam - it's hard not to feel guilty when your tutor catches you at the movies even if you have been researching that day! On the bright side, a bunch more essays were delivered to the office this afternoon so bright and early Monday morning I can run and pick mine up :)


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