Friday, October 28, 2005


The owner of our house is quite lovely but has the disadvantage of living in Wellington and his property agents therefore not paying him too much attention since he can't storm into their offices. He was up here to visit about a month ago and was horrified that work he'd authorised at the start of the year still hadn't happened. So we've got a new property manager and she finally rang me back last night to discuss my request that she provide us with some kind of date as to when work would start on the house as he was wanting it done before his next trip back up here at Christmas. Not only did she give us a date but it's like now! We had our renovator co-ordinators around today to inspect the property and they're coming back next week to do measurements before supplying quotes. So they're replacing the rotten weatherboards and painting the exterior of the house; removing most of our trees because our next-door neighbours are evil anti-environmentalists; replacing the carpet that's worn out and possibly replacing the carpets through all of the house; potentially redecorating the entire interior but definitely redoing the lounge with the peeling wallpaper. We even get a say in the colour scheme!! So they want us to get back to them as which paint we'd like used and what colour carpet we'd prefer :)


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