Sunday, October 23, 2005


Jet Li's new movie is worth seeing if you like Hollywood stylized martial arts films. It's an interesting mix of violence, psychology and heart-tugging plot. The fight scenes are well choreographed, varied and include a mix of stylized display fighting and genuine hard-out punching and kicking that you'd be more likely to use in a brawl. It was also amazing to see Li, who's how old now?, pull off convincingly appearing much younger - as his character is in some ways still a child in an adult's body.

Oh, and the bonus to seeing the movie was meeting one of Sridat's friends afterwards. I have to confess that I'd always believed that the sterotype of engineers as beer guzzling, pot-bellied simians who spend far too much time in the computer labs/shadows had a certain small element of truth in it. Last night I was proven wrong in meeting a computer geek, software devpt. I think, who's part-way through a Ph.D. and built like Vin Diesel! Don't get me wrong, I still miss my ex every day and still end up crying on the bus, in lectures, at home, well you get the drift, still, it's nice to know there's buff geeks out there when I'm up to looking again.


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