Friday, October 21, 2005

Recruitment Agencies II

Hmmm, three rounds of interviews in three days - there are definitely other things I'd rather be doing with my time! Like watching Season 3 of Angel on VHS which I finally got hold of. It's nice to see they've got closer to Season 1 with some character development, humour and Angel not being mopey and depressed all the time. Cordelia and Wesley's imitation of Angel and Buffy is also a classic.
I wish the agencies would agree to print out the test results on letterhead so that I didn't have to repeat them each time! On the bright side my results improve each time as the questions look increasingly familair. But I'm definitely sick of watching health and safety videos! It's weird, I remember looking for work after I got sick and spending a couple of months going to interviews before I got the job with council. Now that I've got that experience under my belt I've been offered about three full-time positions this week by the end of my interviews!! *g* I've told them I'm definitely only interested in temp. work as I've got some potential plans up my sleeves but they keep trying to sell me on these offers anyway :P It's reassuring though to know that if I decide to take a break between post-grad and my teaching diploma that I should be able to find work even as a BA bum :)


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