Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Recruitment Agencies

It feels bizarre that when I should be studying for exams instead my days are filling up with interviews with various recuitment agencies so that I hopefully have temp work lined up directly after exams so that I can pay my rent! The interviews take so bloody long though! Three hours taken out of my afternoon, though part of that was driving out to Ellerslie and back. On the bright side, they gave me copies of my test results so that might mean I can skip that part at the other agencies. Oooh, I can type over 8000 key strokes per hour. It doesn't feel like it means much though when you look at a huge number like that. I guess they decided that was more practical for some reason then the old words per minute thing. On the bright side, they offered me a job while I was there! The plus side was a six month contract at a minimum of $15/hr just for reception work but the downside was a lengthy commute out to Penrose every single day. With petrol prices being so high that's an expense I'd prefer to avoid. Doesn't matter though, they really want someone to start right away and I'm not free until after exams so they reckon they'll have a city job lined up by then. I'll end up on the books of five or six agencies so hopefully they'll be able to keep me in the green :)


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