Monday, October 24, 2005

Broken Car

My car broke down in the supermarket carpark a week ago and we thought it was just a faulty battery. After a couple of hours I found someone to jump start the car and got it to Dad's work and we were able to put a new battery in. She ran sweet as could be until last night when all of the power suddenly disappeared on the Dominion Rd flyover. I crawled/coasted home at around 5-15km/hr only to have the engine completely vanish as I was turning to park outside the house. You can imagine how thrilled I was that at midnight the car had zero juice and was ass-end into the road blocking one lane. It turns out that the AA, cunning bastards, have a 24-hr stand-down policy so that if you're joining them because your car's broken they charge you the full call-out fee. So my absolutely fantastic, kind, wonderful, long-suffering father got woken up and he, and my equally awesome little bro, drove all the way over from the North Shore to jump start the car and try to see what was wrong with it. It's currently sitting in the garage getting juiced and I'll need to charge it before taking any necessary trips in it. After exams I'll drive it over to Dad's and hopefully it is an electrical fault, it doesn't seem mechanical/structural, in which case he may be able to figure out what's wrong with it and fix it himself without stupidly expensive mechanics bills that I can't afford to pay. Did I mention that I love my family?


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