Sunday, October 23, 2005

Armageddon II

Hmmm...was it worth it? Well, walking in with only $20 to spare there's a limit as to how much merchandise you can buy. I looked longingly at some fantastically gothic undead dolls and Jack, the Pumpkin King [Nightmare before Christmas] merchandise but at $40+ they were well out of my league. I discovered a stack of Warhammer Fantasy books that I desperately desired [well, maybe not desperately but definitely wanted] but they were priced pretty much at new retail. So, in the end, I dutifully spent the money buying the latest publications of one of my friend's from high school {Richard Fairgray} who is successfully working his way into the local NZ comic market. *g* I plan to read them later tonight so I don't even know what the plot is yet. I did get to meet and greet a bunch of people, most of whom can be loosely referred to as geeks, that are scattered through Auckland and nearby cities that I know from ages ago and now mostly bump into at Armageddon :) Of course, the other great find was discovering advertising for a sci fi/fantasy swap meet to be held at the Grey Lynn Library Hall, 10-2pm on Sat 12th November. These are far less advertised but have a huge range of stuff at cheap prices so hopefully I'll pick up some good finds there to celebrate the end of exams :)


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