Saturday, November 26, 2005

Great Friday

Yesterday was a bloody good day. I finally got my exam marks in - an A on my core Film paper (wrapping up my minor), an A on Medieval Mentalities (History), an A+ on Renaissance Tragedies (which surprised me as a I found the paper a little lucklustre) and an A- on Theory and the Gothic (stage 3 English). Mum's been laughing at me because I'm bummed out over the last mark, which is fair enough, but I was gutted that I hadn't done better on my first Stage III paper. I did brilliantly on the internal which means they can't have thought too much of my exam. Ah well, fair enough in some ways as I didn't get a handle on the pre-announced question until I was in the exam and marshalled my points then (the marshalling could possibly have gone better I guess). Still, solid enough across the board that I stand a chance with the two scholarship application's I dropped off earlier this week. I've got half my fees covered so I'm hoping to get the rest through one or both of those.
My lunch hour ended up being shoe shopping :) The No. 1 Shoe Shop has a huge store on Elliot St right round the corner from the National Tower and had a 'buy 2 get 1 free sale' so i've got some funky work shoes for our 'corporate environment' and a cute pair of jandles (I got snapped earlier this week for wearing sneakers, I was hoping since they were leather and mostly covered by my long pants that noone world notice :P). On the other hand, it also made them notice that us lugging boxes of files around in high heels was impractical so they've organised a trolley now which is good.
Work supplied many bottles of wine and we get to start drinking at 4pm while we work so I was fairly pissed by 5.30. Had a few drinks at home and then went out later that evening for more drinks and pool on K rd. We played abysmally (having no real skill at pool) apart from a few amazing streaks of luck. Admittedly these were offset by some truly awful shots as well and managing to miss breaking four times in a row! It was pissing down with rain and noone wanted to go clubbing so i walked down to catch the midnight bus (which I missed since he went early) but did at least score an awesome kebab. He either felt sorry for me with my dripping wet hair or thought the bedraggled look was cute cause he made me the most mammoth kebab ever.
When I finally got home, care of Discount taxis, I ended up curled up in bed with purring kitty, hot water bottle and the rest of the kebab watching Jurassic Park while it poured down outside. Very cosy :)


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