Saturday, November 26, 2005

The job

I know....I've been slack. I've been out most nights this week and thus I've waited till now, when it's raining and cold and my weekend plans have been ruined, to get around to updating this! Well, not ruined :p just radically altered. The Grey Lynn festival has been cancelled due to 'severe weather warnings' (so glad I'm not working for council anymore!!), the Labour BBQ is off, and the weather's too crap to try and borrow Olivia's bike to cycle out to Cornwall Park. *wrinkles nose* I might even have to go to the gym this weekend! 'oh woes me'. I'm on an exercise kick at the moment but I'd rather walk home from work each day, go cycling or swimming on the weekend than go to the gym and mindlessly stare at some old magazine or Juice Tv while on the cross-trainer.

In other news, the job is going well. Fabian's leaving us to start making his way back to Germany earlier :( So he and his girlfriend are flying out Christmas Eve I think for Sydney and then a resort in Malaysia. It sucks cause he's so funny and they're not planning on replacing him. I think work's rather relieved actually. We're all on contracts to March so they can't really fire us but at the moment there's really only enough work for one person (or maybe one and a half but that just doesn't work!). Rollover was supposed to officially begin last Monday as the merger of the two companies and the swapover of software went live but it's really been more of a fizzle than a bang. The mountain of work that was supposed to eventuate - hasn't, although I suppose it might further down the track. Instead the four of us have spent most of this week doing our best to find ways of looking busy. Our team leader is pretty hands off and doesn't monitor us much since the work is supposed to come from different people in the department so we're pretty much expected to keep ourselves busy. The problem being of course that it's still understood that we can't be actively caught slacking off. So far this week I've read the entire Herald every day, read all of The Noob and have started on Penny Arcade. We've also done a bunch of filing work and even that we've had to drag out. It's not so bad though listening to my walkman and reading webcomics inbetween folders.

Inbetween all that we've cross-referenced data systems and spreadsheets, set up new client groups and customers and done various data work. It's kind of cool to realize every now and then that you're working on well known companies or organisations but in the end I couldn't really care less what they're credit limit is or about their finances so *shrug*.


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