Monday, November 14, 2005

Boat Trip

Thanks Alex for the awesome harbour cruise organised! We went out with Nick's Cruises out past Rangitoto and moored near one of the DOC islands. We couldn't obtain permission to dock there unfortunately but Pam had a few words with the staff and they let us dive off the access deck at the back of the boat :) It was bloody freezing when I jumped in but Pam was right; the water proved fantastic and she started a trend - even if some of the guys had to jump in wearing boxers :P A truly classic moment though was her throwing the life-ring out to someone and forgetting to attach a rope to it! We got him in alright though and one of the crew tied a good long rope to it and chucked it out for us, to float while we were swimming. There was a strong ingoing tide so the current was hard against us swimming back to the boat, so it was handy to be able to pull ourselves along the rope for the last few meters :P The weather wasn't brilliant but the rain held off and it was warm enough. Besides, the people were of course fantastic and we had karoke to entertain us on the way back.


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