Monday, November 14, 2005

New Job at National Bank

So...I started new job today. We're in Business Support Services and I get to put crap like 'Project Implementation' and 'Data Integrity' down on my CV. It's great, technically we're IT staff but we're basically doing data entry and management. It's much more complicated than I'd anticipated though and using specialized software like Apollo and CBSIS which I'm not familair with. On the bright side, two of the team have only been there 6 weeks and Luzette started with me today. It looks like we get this week in training and trying to get IT to sort themselves out and let us actually access the relevant software.

The place has some awesome bonuses. It's a modern building in good condition, so it's a nice looking place to work in. We don't get the bonuses offered by some of the financial companies so instead we get a free soft drink each day, free biscuits, free access to a daily fruit platter and our very own fridge of alcohol! They do Friday afternoon/night drinks and the company pays for the booze. They've got four or five different kinds of beer and several varieties of wine. I hear there's an even bigger stash on one of our associated floors upstairs! So that's pretty good :)

The downside is a one hour lunchbreak, taking us down to about 37 hours a week. The place has a nice kitcken but there's no seating in it and no staff room in the building. So, wanting to save money and not buy lunch, it's a bit annoying to have an hour to kill in the middle of the day. I'm told that after the next few weeks of project work that we might have the option of leaving work half an hour early and that would be good :)

All in all, it's looking good - especially once we can actually access the computer systems and try to get our heads around all the processes we're supposed to know! I'd hate to accidentally cut someone off from their 9 million dollar STAF!


Anonymous Biscuit said...

Getting into banking is huge news, it's one of the industries where you really have to have experience in the industry just to get an interview - I wish I could get into banking computer support - it's one of the top paid support sectors there is.

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