Thursday, November 17, 2005

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Tuesday night proved an interesting way of meeting other predominately left-wing or liberal bloggers and getting to work our way through several bottles of wine and a huge pile of food at Midnight Express. We had a big crowd there, forgive me if I miss anyone!, including the About Town crowd of Xavier, Tristan, Kate and Paul, as well as Rachel, Stephen, Span; Oliver, Rafe and Sam; Keith Ng and Tze Ming.

The highlight of the evening was definitely About Town's annoucement that they had made A.J. Chesswas and his blog up. That he was in fact a conceptual art project that they had decided to finally come clean about. Now what was truly hilarious is that I was sitting by them when, after bottles of wine, they came up with the brilliant idea of claiming their detested enemy as their own invention and annoucing that they had merely been toying with people's minds! It was bloody funny seeing them trying out the theory on the rest of the table and valiantly beating down any arguements. I see their annoucement has caused quite a storm in a teacup in amongst the blogging community. It's weird bumping into comments written by people I know! Like Iain for instance :)

I think the annoucement might have had slightly more credibility if Kate hadn't just announced the day before the BIG SCANDAL of Tristan shagging Christine Rankin. I feel for you Tris, I don't know why anyone believed it either!


Blogger span said...

nice to meet you Nixie, even though we didn't get to talk :-)

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