Saturday, December 10, 2005

Work do

Ah, the morning after the big corporate christmas party....empty seats, cradled heads and the wafting scent of mcdonalds fills the air. We had 300 odd people from our central office of corporate and commercial invited up to the Heritage after work. The women's bathrooms were filled with giggling females as we all got changed, swapped makeup and commented that the last time most of us did this was years ago for high school prom. Most of the guys decided there was no point wasting time getting to the beer and just rocked up in their work gear (c'mon Ross we could see the little National horse on your shirt!). Communication being what it was most people had eaten little and early expecting dinner to be at 6....Instead there was alcohol for two hours or so before the appetisers were served and people were well pissed by the time dinner came out close to eight. In saying that though the fresh steamed salmon was nice and the pavlova was divine. Things had dragged and were looking fairly boring until they brought out the three girl band (well singers plus recorded accompaniment) who rocked things up for several hours. We worked off dinner and many glasses of wine dancing till we dropped on the dance floor - while cursing the lack of young cute guys and the fact that any of the men over forty seemed to want to hit on the girls aged well under thirty. Dammit is it asking too much to want single attractive young men aged between 24-30 to hit on us instead of guys old enough to be our fathers? [okay, well maybe not actually our father's cause dad's in his early fifties now but you get the general idea!].

People were so damn pissed it was hilarious. Luzette and I ended up cracking up over our fake scottish and irish accents [William Wallace, L!]. Emile was so bloody australian that we couldn't stop laughing - and we'll never let him live down eating the dinner roll he found on the floor! The guy who did our training was so off his face! The magic tricks were not too bad considering his hand-eye co-ordination was going but the michael jackson moves and looking like he was humping the wall - just, no...Some very impressive limbo dancing and the first time I've heard people La Bamba in years!


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