Sunday, February 19, 2006

Valentine's Day

I love being a girl :P I had a red rose & red bull waiting on Luz's desk for when she started work this morning & she had a little namednteddy bear waiting on my desk when I got back from work. And we snuck out the day before to get Lucy this damn cute card and chocolate for her birthday. Guys just miss out having sweaty, smelly rugby fracas for bonding instead of shopping!

I realize that Valentine's Day is of course an overly commercialized Hallmark holiday but it's also a fantastic day to either 'bah humbug' if single or to look forward to if you're with someone. The cliches of flowers, chocolates, small cuddly animals etc... often get ignored simply because they are cliches but I for one know that I like them irregardless! I love flowers & have often unsuccessfully tried to explain that flowers should be given more frequently than Valentines Day & birthdays. Flowers don't need to be bought from stores, they can be picked from the garden or the side of the road. What's really important is that a) flowers are pretty, happy, cheery things and b) that your significant other stopped for a moment in their day, thought of you fondly & wanted to make you smile. I got a beautiful rose for Valentine's Day, that admittedly started dropping petals as we walked, that was gorgeous because he'd managed to get off work early so that he could drive all the way to his parents and hand pick a flower for me. And it was beautiful.

It' funny really, we learnt through experience that it's wise to book ahead on Valentine's Day as unsurprisingly the restaurants get rather full. I'm kind of glad though that the evening did get into a muddle as it meant that we got to just wander around hand in hand in the sun and talk and be together (yes I know, aw and it sounds like mushy crap but it's true). We ended up in a park drinking champagne and having to skull it as the taxi pulled up & refused to let us take the open bottle on board. This was bloody funny as you don't often see people standing at a bus stop skulling bubbly from their wine glasses. Sitting in the park sipping bubbly and talking was magic.

Dinner was at a Thai restaurant that I love and we didn't even realize that everyone had left until the final table (apart from us) got up to leave came over to gently tease us on their way out.

Valentine's Day isn't really the kind of day that you go into in great detail on a public blog but it was wonderful and the happiest Valentine's Day that I've ever had. [and if you're reading this, I can see that grin]


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