Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Okay there are about 70 plus new photos up. Some of them are from my going away party that my parents just sent through to me, the photos from England over the last fortnight are below that and there's more Wilfrew Owen poetry below that. I have managed to delete my post on the natural History Museum and am exhausted so will retype that some other time.


My wonderful family who finished off the roll of film, scanned the photos & sent them through to me :)

Wish we were both going through the departure gate love...

Me & Nick

The beautiful Anna and her man Benn

Sridat (and Nick) fencing

Mira & Jono

Going Away Party ~ Malu

Tidbits that I've missed

Another life first - having to retrip the fuses with a broom. It seems our roof likes to take on water when it rains and the lights in the main bar trip every 5-10mins when the water gets into the wiring...

The Tube has so far had sections closed for x1 death on tracks and x1 bomb scare (at least, I presume it was only a scare...)

Aren't they cute! Some kind of horrible little carnivore but I can't remember it's name.

Me & the triceratops

Gargoyles on the walls..

A) The architecture is gorgeous. B) Up on the top floor you can see a slice of a Giant Sequoia. The tree was over 1300 years old before being cut down and they can live up to 3000 years.

Cat carvings on the banisters...

The detail here is gorgeous. There are carvings on the walls, the columns etc...

Yay, a little bit of home. Meet Murphy the Moa!


The Dodo...

The glass kind of interferes with the camera....but it's a giant armadillo!

Sea Dwelling Reptile.... What's creepy is that skeleton includes what look like bony corneas. They think the bones may have helped it with focussing in murky depths.


The Diplodocus in the Entrance Hall

The Natural History Museum (visited today)

The Natural History Museum

The Pegasus

The Pegasus

The Pegasus

Damn this might not be readable. The Pegasus is the last working computer of its kind, based on vacuum tubes, in the world. It has to have specially coded instructions punched up & fed into it.... Defintely not laptop friendly.

Car on a ceiling ... what more can you need for modern interior decorating!


Science Museum. The Ring is so cool! There are computer terminals on Level 1 or 2 that have questions on all sorts of things i.e. sustainable energy; you type your answer in and your name + age. It then shoots the text digitally around the ring.

Shrine of Asclepius in Epidaurus

Shrine of Asclepius in Epidaurus

Shrine of Asclepius in Epidaurus

Surrounded by school children... *sigh*.... but keeping my honey awake with texts at the time which made the screaming & the running all around me far more bearable :)


The Science Museum - playing with the kaleidoscope mirrors... pretty flash :P

The Serpentine. Look at that sky! It's the kind of weather that leaches life and light from all of the surrounds and leaves only a stark, cold beauty...



Peter Pan (which started the post on the Victorians at the time)

He wasn't on any of the birdspotting guides....Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

The Long Water

There's all these random sculptures through the park.. Aren't these bear cubs just the cutest!

The fountains

Kensington Gardens (& Hyde Park)

A Pigeon.

See those blurry blobs of colour! There's hope for spring yet!

Random church.... I just liked the tree

And off to my second pub and second shift of the day!

See Mum! It settled down to quite a nice colour really :P

St Patricks Day at the Orange!!!