Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Eilean Doonan castle

This is in Time magazine's list of the Top Fourty Places that you have to see before you die. It is officially the sexiest castle in Scotland and has had a number of films made there such as Highlander and The World is Not Enough.

Around 2000 B. C. the Picts built a fort here.

Around 560 A. D. St Doonan came over from Ireland and he set up in the ruins.

In the 13th century a stone castle was built but it was later destroyed by the English during the Jacobite uprising.

The McRaes came into money in the early twentieth century and decided to restore the castle. They hired a local man who loved the castle to do the work. He was a builder in his 50s who claimed that he had seen the castle in his dreams and was the only one who could restore her properly. The work went from 1910-1932 before she was finished.

Years after she was built plans were found in the vaults of Edinburgh castle and included in these were architectural drawings for Eilean Doonan castle dated 1714. The current castle is approximately 80% accurate to how the castle looked before it was destroyed right down to its 14ft thick walls.


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