Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kilmuir Graveyard

Our Scottish history got pieced together based on geographical location rather than a discrete timeline. Suffice to say that while Bonnie Prince Charles was a very charismatic man he sucked royally at military tactics. He le the Scots to a resounding defeat (read slaughter) at the Battle of Culloden. He fled the battlefield and it was sometime before news of what had actually happened was fully diseminated through Scotland. As he fled north he sought to avoid the English soldiers. A Scotsman who looked remarkably like him was spotted by some soldiers and upon his capture did indeed claim to be Charles. The rumour of his death flew to London but it took a few months for his head to actually reach there and that bought him some time.

While the English celebrated he was being helped by a Highland woman named Flora MacDonald. She saved Prince Charles and smuggled him over to Skye dressed as a woman. There were English soldiers on the boat but apparently they were taken in by the gimmick enough that they started flirting with him. Unfortunately, Charlie after a few blissful months shacked up with his new lover announced to her that she wasn't of high enough birth for marriage, thank you for the accomodation and it was time for him to run back to France. Flora was brokenhearted and to make matters worse she was arrested by the English and sent to the Tower of London.

Her good manners won her much sympathy though and at last she was released. Eventually she fell in love again with a good Scotsman from the MacDonald clan and the emigrated to America. Her husband fought for the British government in the American War for Independence and he never came home.....

Again all of her dreams had shivered and fallen into sharpened shards of lost hopes.... Poor brokenhearted Flora at last returned to her home and made herself a home on Skye. One day there was a knock on her door and she opened it to find her husband standing there. He hadn't fallen in battle but had instead been taken prisoner. When he was finally released and able to make his way home he learnt that she had left a widow and he had kept travelling until he had found her.

She is buried at Kilmuir Graveyard


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