Tuesday, June 20, 2006


One thing that you have to try when in Scotland is the haggis. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant inside Flora MacDonald's house (I'll tell you about her in a minute or so). Dave warned us all that he'd flail us alive if any of us pusseyed out and got the vegetarian haggis (and weren't actually vegetarian). I was starving and after glancing at the dollop of mashed potato and turnip that the haggis was supposed to come with asked if I could get the other option of sides (chips and big steamed vegetables). Now, somehow they managed to get the sides right and the main wrong. What I actually ended up with (and is in the photo) is the vegetarian haggis. Now the vegetarian haggis will obviously differ from place to place but it was bloody nice at this place. It was hot and spiced and really really good. I should have eaten more of it.... Once we'd worked it out I actually went up and said that I didn't mind the error but could they put a dollop of real haggis on the side so that at least I could say I'd tried it. Instead they threw the old plate out and bought a new one out. Now there's nothing wrong per se with haggis. It's just that it tastes like someone got some cheap lamb mince, added some oats and then boiled it for a really long time. It's bland as hell and even after adding brown sauce it's just very plain. It tastes better when the cafes add a dollop of it to your breakfast (toast, eggs, bacon, sausages, tomato & haggis).


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