Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Isle of Skye

The weather was awful when we arrived. I ended up running down the road in the rain to put postcards in the postbox. The village we were staying in was one of those one road, virtually non-existent type places. The pub/hostel we stayed at was nice though and cosy. We ended up watching the soccer one night with me being the lone voice against Arsenal (who all the Aussies were supporting) and later we got Fox to play his guitar and sang along (or at least all the words that anyone could remember!). We had a band in the other night. Some of them were part of the Peat Bog Fairies but I don't remember what these guys called themselves. They were awesome though! All the locals showed up as well and the wee pub actually ended up quite busy.

It's funny, Skye doesn't look like a big place on a map (or when painted onto a pub wall) but we only ended up covering half of the island the next day!

Day 2 - The Isle of Skye


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