Saturday, August 19, 2006

Heathrow and the Terror Alert

If you've been following the news you would have heard all about the security measures that went into place after the British apprehended a gang allegedly planning to blow up at least eight planes over the state. I am extremely thankful that this didnt' happen while I was trying to get home from Heathrow!! All of my spanish and french wine would have ended up in the bin... As it was, I had so much stuff I had to repack at check-in and smuggle my wine onboard in a duty-free bag (Heathrow wasn't particularly friendly towards carry-on in the first place; go Singapore!). Anyway, I was flicking through random blogs and came across More Cowbell. He's written about the security measures first-hand...

"Saturday, August 12, 2006


Alright, do you people want a first-hand account at Heathrow? Here it is!
Okay, things weren't so bad. I only took a few things on my person, and I was STILL in violation:
1) My passport
2) My boarding pass
3) My walletI didn't have a belt, and I didn't have anything that could possibly be construed as metal, except for my wallet. I own a Prada wallet (yeah yeah ... get your punches in while you can). It has the metal Prada insignia stamped on the front. I was not allowed to take my wallet because of the metal piece. So I either had to remove the metal piece or leave my wallet. Yes; I am going to desecrate a Prada wallet just to get on a plane. I ended up cleaning the important things out of it and putting them in the plastic bag in which I carried my wallet. I mailed my wallet home, which wasn't bad ($1.85). Other people were allowed to take coins on board. I don't see what was so bad about a Prada metal piece. I think the attendant just had a superiority complex.

My favorite quote was in Atlanta. Some guy at the gate had bought condoms in a gift shop, and the attendant wouldn't let him board with them because they were lubricated. His declaration: "Well, if I join the mile-high club and get my wife pregnant, I'm suing YOUR ass!" His honey yelled "Richard! You're embarrassing me!" They let him on. I was SO worried, too ... because you know how many weapons of destruction can be designed out of a lubricated condom. I never noticed in they made the trek to the bathroom to join the club."

Not his entire write-up but I just found the start so funny and so ridiculous on the part of the airports...


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