Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In other news...

Nick's team won their final soccer game on Saturday (yay!) although we lost indoor soccer on Sunday. Which isn't actually a surprise :P We did have a really fantastic defence during the first half though and that was great. Pam also helped us out as one of the girls couldn't make it and that was cool. We've started playing squash together so it'll be interesting to see if it makes us fitter! I'm going to my first Pump class at the gym this week too, so I'm interested to see how that will turn out.

I've finally finished Harry Potter (IV) and got through Margaret Mahy's Catalogue of the Universe as well. So that leaves only one more book (I think) and two more films (thank god). Then I'll finally have got through the reading and hopefully will feel more inspired when I look at the essay topics again! The problem with Harry Potter is that's it's so damn long (and heavy to carry around) and takes ages to read, even in trying to skim through it! Plus I like the series so I keep slowing down and wanting to enjoy it properly rather than rush through it. It's interesting to read it again, this time with a close analysis slant and having to read it with certain themes etc… in mind; it's certainly cheerier than some of the books we cover and, I feel, far better written than some of them.

In true student style when I finally saved up enough money to do a decent shop price was an important factor. It seemed funny actually that the more exotic meats, like ostrich, goat and veal, ended up being cheaper than traditional beef and chicken! The ostrich was alright, though Nick wasn't keen, but it's hard to describe the taste. It proves that the default of 'everything tastes like chicken' isn't true! The goat was better, mind you I used the mince in a curry and the spices would disguise the taste of most things!


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