Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In other news...

I got asked for I.D. again today when I went to buy a bottle of wine with my groceries. It feels weird being old enough now that I should consider it a compliment... Actually, it was hilarious the last time I bought wine from the bottleshop in town. The woman's jaw actually dropped when she glanced at my driver's license and she apologized in embarrassment saying that she had thought I was maybe as old as 19!

Nick's turned another year older, reaching a mighty 26; it was kind of hard for his family to tease him since his older sister was there and it kept getting deflected onto her instead :P

I still feel decrepit from the flu, achey and exhausted but my chest is feeling a lot better. I'm not coughing so much and it no longer quite feels like there's a clenched fist in the centre of my chest making it hard to breathe. I'll be heartily glad when it's gone. Dad's still sick at the moment and one of my lecturer's is coming down with something too...

We won our soccer game again on Sunday :) It's fantastic, we were bottom of the tables in the last round and now we're at the top! We've won the last two games and the team's definitely much tighter =)


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