Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pub Quiz

We've been going along to a pub quiz for the past couple of weeks now; it's a bit of a lark and it's nice to acquire new if not necessarily applicable facts. Last week we were right at the absolute bottom of the pack and did shockingly. We were in utter shock this week therefore when we saw our team rise up to 3rd place after one of the rounds. A fluke! we told ourselves and regretted that the cellphone camera wasn't of suitable quality to capture our moment. The teams slid fluidly around each other for a few more rounds and we realized with shock that we'd made 2nd place! By the end of the quiz we'd tied for 3rd, and Gareth won the tiebreaker for us :) It's an adult pub, rather than a student one, so the prizes aren't huge but it was still fantastic to know that a) we'd placed and b) we'd had two rounds of perfect scoring :) One of which was Ben's sudden epihany about a film called 'On Golden Pond'; he'd never heard of it before, we'd never heard of it before but it was the right answer :)


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