Monday, November 28, 2005


I think Psycho Milt said it best in their comment of "I keep getting drawnback to this blog out of the same sense of horror that has me photographcrashed cars." Check out A.J.'s latest anti-feminist thread:
I swear the only way this man is going to get laid is if he enters the Brethren (which I actuallywould have thought would suit him). I suppose that's not really a very nice thing to say but his attitudes to women do just piss me off. Mark's comment on that thread was good as well. It's along the lines that using the Bible to enforce some kind of archaic control of men over women and forcing them to a submittive and insuperior position wasn't the intention of Christ since his attitudes were very liberal for the time. If men want to try and use the Bible to force woman to wear headscarves and admit that they are less 'godlike' than men, then perhaps these same men will start obeying the rest of the OT rules found in the books of laws? Such as not wearing mixed fabrics, having tassles on the clothes, and any of the other numerous legislative suggestions.


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