Sunday, February 19, 2006


I've always loved the idea of Haunted Houses as an attraction/theme park type thing and now we finally have one in Auckland. The actors and the makeup are great; although some of them are more enthusiastic in their role. The house is cool - the sort of thing that you'd do once. It's quite short, about 20-25mins. I got 'volunteered' in one room and ended up with 'baby brains' on my finger; so gross! I think I managed to wipe most of it off on the dentist though which was a bonus.

We didn't do the Freaky Forest but Luzette says its fantastic. We did do Corn Evil though - half of it anyway before it got too late. I think we were in there for most of an hour and were still only half-way through! So worth going to and much bigger than when it was down towards Hamilton way.


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