Friday, March 10, 2006


So I've had my first few shifts at work now. It's still fairly quiet for them in terms of turnover so they don't have too many hours for me yet (which sucks as I was told by the agency I'd be getting 35) but hopefully that will change as the weather improves. Also, I should be able to pick up some extra work when the boss goes on holiday and we've got some show on in Chelsea in May that will give us a lot of extra work for a week or two. I'm getting the hang of pouring pints and know the names of a few of the regulars now. Some of them come in once or twice a day, every day; I have no idea how they afford that! Terry (the manager) and Caroline (the main bar woman) know the names of all the regulars and have their drink ready for them before they even reach the bar! I think it might be a while before I've got things quite that sussed. On the bright side I'm getting better at opening wine! :P

My big achievement for yesterday was finally finding the local supermarket. There's tons of little superettes around the place but there's only one real supermarket near here. I had some vague directions and spent an hour or two wandering the streets trying to find it. I found a Tescos, a Blockbuster video store and some second hand shops along the way so that wasn't too bad. I also managed to pick up an umbrella to fight off the thunderstorm I got stuck out in (nice flashy lightening) which was a bonus! The supermarket sells a few Australian wines that I recognise and only Montana that I've found from NZ (we sell that at work too :P) but there doesn't seem much point in being here and drinking local stuff. None of the Italian or French names mean anything to me so I think I'll have to choose one at random on my next day off.

We don't get a discount on alcohol at the pub (though we do on food) so it's cheaper to buy a bottle at the supermarket. I did get my first tip last night though, a mighty 12p! The tips get shared out between the three of us at the end of the month or something. Some of the customers offer to buy us drinks though and we just print off the receipt and grab the drink sometime when we're not working. So I have a single shot of vodka waiting for me at some point care of a large group of London Pride drinking engineers who were in last night - one of whom was immensely proud that he'd been to New Zealand and was trying to convince me that Wellington is far better than Auckland!


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