Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nick's sick...

*g* ironic isn't it.... shortly after I'd posted the song (which I was listening to at the time, I love Meatloaf) Nick gives me a call sounding like he's dying. So I rush over and I have to confess he didn't get too much sympathy since his temp. was only 37! Plus his powerboard blew my portable harddrive which kind of ended my plans for the night [thankfully the whole thing's still under warranty]. I cut class the next afternoon and got back to find his temp. up to 39'C though. One of the brilliant things that Labour has bought in is the free 0800, 24hr, Healthline. We spoke to a nurse for ages and she said that he'd need to go see a doctor. We kept trying to get hold of his sis and then finally dozed off.... We got woken up by a call and took him up to White Cross. So now he's on heavy doses of penicillin and seems to be worse today because of it. I guess that's the way these things normally go. Not his ideal way of getting a few days off work!


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