Monday, September 04, 2006

Bailey's Cottage

Anna kindly organised a weekend away up at Bailey's Cottage at Scott Point (near Snells Beach). It was really nice and the ranger and cleaner were both really friendly. Check out time is at 10.30 if anyone else is coming that day so it's worth checking in advance as it's much nicer to laze around until mid-afternoon (which we were fortunate enough to be able to do). It was far better equipped than I thought it would be, based on their website and the girl on the other end of the phone, as it turned out to have a big heater, blankets, cleaning products etc... The only think it didn't have was a frying pan (they had a wok instead) so honey made us potcakes instead of pancakes - they were really yummy though! I'm afraid that I was horribly rude and fell dramatically sick the morning of the day we were supposed to go up there. By the time Nick had taken me to see a doctor (thanks Gen!) and we'd stopped by the supermarket to grab painkillers etc... we got up there pretty late. I spent the first night coughing myself awake, unable to sleep, and ended up sneaking into the lounge to study! The whole weekend was coughing, sneezing, choking - I started blacking out at one point until I finally coughed up the equivalent of a furball that was blocking the passage down to my lungs (I'll spare you the details but while I was far noisier than the cat ever was, I definitely had the same pathetic look as him). I hate being sick. I hate being in so much pain that it makes me cry. And I definitely hate all the icky hacking, sneezy etc... noises that come with being sick that end up being inflicted on everyone else. My apologies guys! It was nice being able to lie there in misery and see the sea out the window though :)
Yay! Time for more antibiotics and painkillers. I'm going to crawl back into bed for a liedown and then hopefully post up some pictures from the trip in a little while.
I got lots of silly ones of Nick posing for me, and plenty of shots of blankets or the table as he'd pose and then duck because the camera has a few seconds delay before it actually goes off. Since I kind of need him to take care of me I may have the sense not to publish those =)


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