Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Can't be bothered thinking of a title...

Damn that's cool. I'm temping at the Radio Bureau again, they like me and I like them so it's a good deal. I've been here often enough now that the email addresses I tend to send to are now saved into Outlook's memory and come up automatically as I start typing :P

Nick's a lot better now, though going back to work pretty much wiped him - conquering the world on Civ III took a back seat to sleeping. [awesome ~ one of their staff just walked through the door sporting a full out mowhawk]. I have also now been intro'd to the addictive powers of Civ III. I only meant to spend an hour so on it the other day and then realized that about four hours had passed while I'd been desperately trying to hold off the English from conquering my territories (and failing, damn them!).

I've been remarkably anti-social, I confess, over the past week or so. I've pretty much spent the last week or so looking after Nick. Now that the hols have started I'm buried in books instead of being out in the sun. Our History essay isn't due till October (along with two other mammoth ones) but we've got a pre-essay write-up assignment that we have to hand in on the first morning back. We're expected to have read aroumnd 15 books/essays etc... to do with the assignment and need to comment on each one, as well as providea thesis statement of about 500 words etc... I've got through about two books so far and have a stack on the floor still to go...

Monday's nerve-wracking lecture on poor essay quality was followed by another on Friday - this time by Claudia (Adolescent Fiction). I got an A (yay!) that probably would have been an A+ but she'd corrected a lot of my comma/semi-colon use or non-use. I'd checked it, Nick had checked it and so had the computer! Ah well, c'est le vie. I'm starting to get an idea about what I want to write about for that class's main essay as well, so that's all good :)

And we had our first (moral) victory for soccer on Sunday! We kept them from scoring until the final two minutes (wish I'd succeeded in hooking the ball out from between his feet) and closed on a draw; but, we had scored an extra goal earlier where it had gone in but bounced out and the ref disallowed it as he hadn't been watching and assumed it had hit the cross-bar or something. So a definite improvement on the walloping we normally get :)


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