Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Help the NZ Coastguard

[I got to see this media/press release at work today; it's good to see something positive coming from an otherwise made-for-money film].

Buena Vista International (NZ) supports Coastguard NZ

Buena Vista International (NZ) a division of The Walt Disney Studio, will be joining forces with Coastguard NZ in a first ever alliance to raise funds with nationwide charity screenings for these often unheralded heroes, who do their work out of the public eye and with no direct government funding.

On the evening of Tuesday 17 October, at cinemas nationwide, exclusive advance screenings will be shown of the new Touchstone release The Guardian which features a star turn from Kevin Costner playing a legendary Coastguard rescue swimmer who acts as a mentor to the cocky recruit, Ashton Kutcher. Admission to these special screenings is only $2 plus a donation at the door to Coastguard NZ.

In NZ every crew member aboard a Coastguard rescue vessel or aircraft is a volunteer. The volunteer label though does not mean they are untrained. These guys and girls undergo rigorous training so that when they get the call they are able to deal with whatever might confront them, often in sea and weather conditions that would have the rest of us cowering. And they work hard. Someone somewhere in NZ calls for their help on average10 times every day. The Guardian is an action movie with heart. Coastguard NZ is an organization of ordinary people with heart. They do an extraordinary job so come along on 17 October and support our Coastguard volunteers.


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