Thursday, September 28, 2006

Catching up....

This weekend definitely did not go according to plan... Well, now it's Thursday and I haven't been able to post since our internet connection has been dodgy at best, so I suppose that I should specify that last weekend did not go according to my best intentions. I have about 9,000+ words due in the next two weeks for my final Stage III papers. I've done the research and brainstorming on two of them and loosely decided which essay question I plan to write on for the third. I'd spent the Friday doing ten hours or so of research on the Sankgreal and had kept the weekend nice and free so that I could at least get a crappy first draft written and see some words on paper. Then I get a text from my ex saying that he's just flown into the country for the weekend and can we catch up; I hadn't seen him in a year so of course I said yes. At the same time that I'm texting a reply to him, another text comes through from one of my really good mates asking if I could pick him up from the airport Saturday night and a few minutes later one of my girlfriends is asking if I want to join her and her partner for dinner and a movie saturday night! So Saturday ended up being the presentation (yay Fiji) followed by lunch with Biscuit. It was really nice to catch up; I've missed him a lot lately - hanging out and clowning round and spending the afternoon gaming. I still have to manage to kick his ass on Soul Calibre :P So it was good, and slightly weird and I said I'd see him later that night at his bro's 21st.

Since I only had a few hours to kill, I ended up hanging out with Anna talking shite for the rest of the afternoon. And watching Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle, damn that was funny. > Airport, dinner, shadowrun planning<
The 21st was funny, there were some truly fantastic photos of Krak as a kid and the macho tetosterone beer tent with his mates chanting at him while he did his yard glass was truly a sight to behold him. Especially since they were then trying to see how many times they could get him to throw up before they brought out the cake. His poor girlfriend was standing by looking dressed up, pretty and slightly shocked as she held his shirt and then tried to find a towel. I could sympathise.

So not a bad day really except... I'd wandered in there with a bag on my back and a big coat on my arm and ended up deciding it would be more comfortable to put them back in the car. Lighted carpark, security guard only a few meters from my car, and I've got a covered boot. There was noone else around when I went out, so I opened the boot and put my bag in there with the coat over it; I also made sure the guard saw me doing so as I wanted to make sure he kept an eye on it.
Twenty minutes later or so we discover that my bag was gone. They'd forced the left lock slightly, ignored the car and hadn't searched it or anything, gone straight to the boot, taken the bag and left everything else that was in there. Oh, and the security guard was nowhere in sight. He claimed that he'd gone to buy some ciggies but one of the guests mentioned he'd had a full pack not long ago as he'd been offered one. Apparently there were some guys drinking out in the park, but that was a long way from the cars and the only person I'd been able to spot when I went to my car was the guard.
I was absolutely distraught. We searched the park, the bins, the river bank (and Nick went back the next morning) but we couldn't find it. It doesn't make sense that they wouldn't just grab the wallet and dump the rest - or dump all of it since there was only about $10 in coins in there.
Sunday ended up being a complete write off - in terms of my essay. I was way upset and it's been hugely time comsuming trying to replace everything. I spent Sunday, all of my time between classes Monday, and Wednesday afternoon having to drive/run etc... all over the place to order cards, pick up cards, buy a new handbag, a wallet, all of my makeup. All up, it's cost about $250 to replace everything, it's going to be another 1-2 weeks before most of the cards arrive and some of my membership cards I just couldn't afford to replace. I'm so pissed off and broke. Which sucks. I was lucky actually that I had enough immediate moolah to cover the losses but the reason for that was that my only pair of sneakers and only pair of jeans are falling apart and need to be replaced in the next few weeks, and I can't work for the next three to five weeks as uni wraps up :(


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