Thursday, October 19, 2006


I was walking home from the video store the other day [side rant - why decide to stock a series and then only have the store purchase the first two discs!!?], turned the corner and just down the path were two coppers threatening what looked like one of the streetbums that hangs around the shops. I don't what the hel he was supposed to have done but they had something pulled him on him, whether it was mace or a taser I don't know. They grabbed him, slammed him against a brick wall and put handcuffs on him before one of them started searching through his bag. As I was trying to decide how to get past them and get home, without looking like a bloody rubbernecker, another police car swings up. I ended up walking down the berm so that I wouldn't get in the way - which proved wise as an undercover cop car suddenly screeches off the road and drives up the pavement! It seemed a little overzealous for one guy.... I'm left wondering now what the hell he was supposed to have done. I'm hoping he's some kind of violent offender being removed from our streets rather than someone who got hungry and shoplifted from Foodtown one time too many...


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