Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Recent Happenings :)

It's the lull before the storm I suppose. The tean at work, from what I've gathered, has slowly grown over the last month or two (and by grown still think very, very small) and then has had three people added in the last fortnight. Seven or so more are due to start in the next month. At the moment, however, there seems to be a lack of work. Part of that, I suppose, may be because the manager is away on holiday for a fortnight and probably has a number of things that she wants done but hasn't necessarily left instructions for them. There's supposed to be a huge data project starting as one software system gets phased out and a new one comes in (with a lot of the initial data transfer being done by hand) but we're not too sure exactly when that starts.... When it does I imagine there'll be a seemingly endless stream of work (or at least the job offer runs through to next June although I'll be leaving far earlier for my course) but right now I'm trying to work out if I can nap properly with my eyes open.....

Nick & I went down to his family's bach, in the Coromandel, for three days this weekend. It was absolute bliss. The weather wasn't great, it was better last time we went down - in May, but the company was and it was cosy and lovely and wonderfully relaxing. We managed to watch an entire season of House (Season 1) in one weekend! I do love Hugh Laurie playing cantankerous and sarcastic. Nick's right that the episodes are fairly formulaic but we couledn't help staying up for just one more, and then another, and then maybe another one until it was 3am and common sense suggested that perhapsit would be wise to get some sleep while the sun was down. Part of the reason it works is because you do get attached to the characters and you want to see Mr Big get taken down (not his real name but he reminded me of the Bond villain), or see Chase get punished, or see if House and Cameron can possibly get it on. We're already eyeing up Season 2.... I'm starting him on Twin Peaks first... I love Twin Peaks. I started watching it in one of the screening rooms, deep down below the Arts Dept in the AV Room, with James and Conan in my first or second year of University. Conan had seen it all before while James & I were T.P. virgins and would thus theorize endlessly while seeing what reaction we could get from Conan. And thinking about pie. It's hard not to watch several hours of T.P. in a row and not suddenly realize that pie really does sound good (though I'm not sure how keen I am on cherry). I was trying to work out why Season 1 had so few disks until I went online and realized that of course Season 1 actually finishes part-way through Season 2. It's hard not to think of them in terms of the first key story-arc and then everything that comes after it loosely revolving around the second key arc.

We spent a fair bit of time playing Sid Meyer's Pirates this weekend as well. I highly reccommend it. There don't seem to be that many decent games these days that actually have a full install and can be happily played without a disk but this is one of them. I still have a long way to go before i'm ruling the Seven Seas, so to speak, and have raised a truly fantastic Spanish bounty on my head but I'll get there. Nick's beating me at the moment in terms of fame and such not :) [competition is a wonderful thing].

One of the great things about the bach is that it's only a short drive/walk from the beach (accessed by walking through the midges, I mean forest, well, no, I mean midges...). It's beautiful down there and it felt so good to finally get in the water again. It was freezing but warming too in a bracing kind of way :)

Oh, before I forget, kudos to Nick for his two technological breakthroughs this weekend. The first was getting sound for the computer down at the bach. The stereo & speakers down there weren't compatible with the leads we had which was making watching House look problematic until he remembered that his sister had given us a converter (tape deck to presumably cd player) to try and use in the car. Didn't work in the car cause the portable cd player was broken but worked a treat with the computer :) The second was getting my dvd player working. I hate when electronics break. There's no degrading or signs of discomfort like you'd get in a biological unit, instead one minute they're working perfectly and the next they're not with no apparent reason or cause etc... It's frustrating & unfair. I'd left the room to find a screwdriver when I head an exclamation, the bad kind rather than the eureka! sort, and walked back into the room to find my man capering gleefully proclaiming that he'd broken it. Well, ok he wasn't capering but he was pretty darn happy. Breaking it further had fixed whatever was broken to begin with (looks like the drive had been knocked out of alignment or something) and now it's working perfectly, yay! So no new dvd player to pay for this week, just the car licensing instead :)


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