Thursday, November 16, 2006


At least the weather's starting to improve, hopefully I'll even get out and about in it this weekend :) We're going away for three days and I have no AL so I'm pulling long shifts all this week. It was freaky earlier when we were getting the 150km winds; we didn't find out the wind speeds till the next day (or that Sky City had to evacuate). The winds were strong enough to make out building sway. I was feeling nauseous and swaying but couldn't work out why; I figured it was just that I'd been at work for far too long already. But then I heard someone else say 'Thank God it's not just me' and realized that everyone else was feeling it too! It's moved down to Wellington now apparently. I've been doing insurance follow-ups for the past week and I've rung one of the companies often enough that the girl on reception recognises me and stops to chat!


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