Saturday, December 16, 2006

Best Inventions of 2006

TIME has recently published it's pick of the coolest inventions of this year. These include Allerca's cats that bred to be hypo-allergenic by selecting a breed that lacks the protein that causes reactions in humans. Then there's Universal Architecture's levitating bed that has super-strong repelling magnets that allow the mattress to float in mid-air and support almost 900 kg. Or the awesome life-like robot created by the Xi'an Superman Sculpture Research Project:

"Some robots do cool tricks; others just look cool. At the annual China Robot Expo in Beijing in October, Zou Ren Ti, founder of the Xi'an Superman Sculpture Research Council, unveiled the third edition of a robot his team is developing that is supposed to look exactly like himself. While the mechanical Zou Ren Ti (named after the inventor, of course) can move its face and speak, its most impressive feature is its skin, which is made of silica gel and looks so lifelike that some expo attendees couldn't tell the real Zou from his double."


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