Sunday, December 03, 2006


Borat is not a film that I would normally go to see but the sheer amount of advertising caught my attention. More than the normal billboard they hired extras to wash their clothes and dry them on the sculpture in Aotea Square, they Borat statues in the stores along K Road and they had the missing goat posters through Ponsonby and Uni. Nick's parents both really liked the film and so we figured it couldn't be too bad. It is. I want my brain scrubbed with lye not that I've witnessed what teabagging really means. The film would be ideal to watch as a psych or sociology student. it reminds me of Louie's comedy skit in Boock's Dare, Truth or Promise. It's one of those films where the value is not in the film but in watching the reactions of the audience. No matter how racist, offensive, embarrassing etc..., no matter how much people turned away or looked shocked they still laughed and still watched. I suppose part of it was knowing that the film was intended as a pisstake as opposed to say some of the Nazi films. It's also interesting the way that despite the feeling of shock that the film creates as you walk away you find that you can't stop thinking about it, quoting it or discussing it. The wrestling scene wasn't quite as scarring as the donkey clip at pub quiz but I wouldn't have wanted to be the editor...


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