Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Giving Blood

I don't really mind needles. They had to take blood out of me all the time when I was sick with glandular fever so I'm fairly blase about it. Funnily enough I've never given blood before though - I've always managed to disqualify myself by having had a cold too recently or something like that. So it was with a great feeling of righteousness that I decided to give up my lunchbreak and go give blood this week when they had a mobile collection near work. The problem was that a whole lot of other people had similar ideas....I was waiting for over 40 mins and they still weren't close to me even having the initial health check with the nurse when I finally gave up and headed back to work. I had an hour long lunch break and that wasn't enough time, which makes me wonder how many people they manage to get through. They should have more collections up at the uni (during semester, obviously), I'd have thought there'd be plenty of people happy to give up some blood in the hope of a free bikkie :)


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