Friday, February 24, 2006

For Nick

Put me to bed turn out the light
I'm fading fast and I've had a few
Just one last kiss and I'll say goodnight
Nos da cariad, I'll dream of you

I can't deny that I've been drinking
A little whisky and beer
I've got a little sentimental
Had a laugh and shed a tear
But now the night is nearly over
It's closing time
I feel a little unsteady
Put your hand in mine


I can't deny that it affects me
Singing the old songs
I think back to where I came from
And wonder where I belong
But wherever I may stagger
Near or far
They say home is where the heart is
It's where ever you are

I know whenever I've been drinking
And I start to unwind
I feel my tounge getting looser
I say whatever's on my mind
So don't believe me in the morning
If I say it was the drink
When tonight I say "I love you"
That's what I really think


(c) Goodnight Cariad 2000 Mike Brooks


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